Banksy smartphone lovers in Cheltenham

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How to wash your hair in the space in video

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Karen Nyberg is showing us how she cleans her hair in the space!

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Sex tourist in Ukraine caught on video

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This is what could happen to you if you visit Ukraine to have sex with prostitutes…

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Which 2013 smartphone is the best for gaming?

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With the technology behind them moving forward all the time, gaming on a smartphone is a constantly improving experience. 2013 has once again seen a crop of phones hit the market, from the major manufacturers, that raise the bar once again, which makes picking the single best one no easy task. However the latest upgrade in LG’s Optimus series – the Pro – does provide those looking to play casino on sites like, RPG, action or other game types, on their smartphones, with something a bit ahead of the pack.

For starters there is that screen. With most smartphone screens measuring around 4.7 inches, (which was the size of the last Optimus model) the 5.5-inch one on offer with the Optimus Pro is bound to catch the eye of gamers. They are looking for a phone able to pick up all the detail included in most games nowadays, and when this is combined with pixel density of 401 ppi and resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, you have a screen that matches size with clarity and sharpness of image. Thus from a visual perspective this phone hits the jackpot every time for gamers, but what about power and battery life?

The quad-core processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon chip are ones featured in many high-end smartphones, but give you everything you need in terms of power. Furthermore the Adreno 320 graphics chip ensures smooth gaming performance, and this phone uses the cutting edge Android 4.2.1 OS. The real clincher though is the battery, as the 3140 mAh capacity it provides ensures that this phone is the ideal pick if you enjoy not just quick-fire gaming options like slots games, but also deeper forms of gaming like RPGs or online poker. This battery will ensure the phone has the lifespan to be able to keep going as long as you need, which sets the Optimus Pro down as probably the best gaming smartphone released in 2013.

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The worst male underwear

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Would you wear this?

The worst male underwear

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Talking vaginas video by Jacuzzi Boys

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Amazing music video clip with Talking vaginas

Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin (Official clip) par Spi0n

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The difference bewteen the 2 popes: Francis and Benedict

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From 2005 to 2013 something has changed…
difference between 2 popes

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